DIVING GALAPAGOS My first dive ever

Posted by Katja Krug, August 2018
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It has always been my big dream to learn diving. However, I was missing the money to make this dream come true and going for a diving license in a cold lake back home was never an option. 
When I was living in Latin America my dream of being a scuba diver would become reality! The goal were the Galapagos islands and starting my open water course to become a real scuba diver. 
As a teacher for biology the Galapgos islands have been the number one of my dive bucket list. After a two weeks trip to the Ecuadorian mainland I was ready for my first underwater experience. I took a short flight from Guayaquil to San Cristobal. Already in the main town sea lions would lazily occupy the benches and shady corners to get some rest. Also albatrosses crossed our path and the whole scenery was more than surreal.
I went straight into the Dive Shop to get my first theoretical and practical insights. Our check-dive for a scuba discovery dive would be done right in the marina. We did all the necessary precautions to get me comfortable underwater like cleansing the mask or out-of-air excercises. After I successfully managed the most important things the dive instructor would take me on a proper dive. 
Right after my frist breath sea lions approached me for a serious underwater playing session. The sea lions would take friendly poses and check me out. I couldn't believe it. I was only 4 meters below the surface in the marina and marble rays would swim below me and sea lions just next to me. Could this become anyhow better?
Still on the same day the dive instructor planned my first boat dive. After a 50min ride the boat arrived to Leon Dormido, a huge broken roke and shelter for many fish. Still on the boat I could see some shark fins looming out of the water. I almost got a heart attack! What? I should jump right into the shark bay? No way!!! After some minutes calming and refocusing on my ultimate goal - become a scuba diver - I convinved myself to jump. If you remember your first dive, you might still notice your arms going wild with all the bubbles surrounding you. It was sheer chaos and it took me a while to feel more comfortable. Once the bubbles disappeared I could see a hammerhead shark only few meters from me. Uff! What a moment. I was fascinated by this moment, but also desperate to gain control over my buoyancy at the same time. Suddenly I could see my dive guide giving me his hand to calm me down. The dive spot was a sheer underwater highway with massive fish gathering as well as eagle rays, black and white tip sharks and green hawkbill turtles. The most surreal moment came when 30 Galapagos sharks passed the reef. I was hooked! 
It was simply a dream come true. Sounds cheesy, but that's what it was! I was totally in love with the underwater world. Sometimes I wonder if I would feel the same about diving, if I started out in a lake in Germany? I guess it would have been much more relaxing, but not the same adventure factor! 
Even my wife, who has been an experienced diver at that time, was overwhelmed by the intensity of the underwater world in the Galapagos islands. For sure it contributed to the fact that I am a passionate scuba diver tody. No other destination would offer such a marine diversity as the Galapagos islans. 100% fascination above and below the surface. 
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